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We focus on intricate motion control work, where virtual and real camera positions and paths need to be perfectly matched and output in real time as usable data.

Stiller Studios is one of the technically most advanced VFX studios in the world. Here we can shoot against almost any background, from 3D scenes to pre-shot stills and moving plates.


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We are very proud to present the trailer for "Home Front - The Revolution".

The awesome people at Fire Without Smoke came over from the UK to Sweden to shoot this epic trailer at Stiller Studios.
Directed by Hugo Guerra and Will O'Connor.
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4 days ago

Mark Roberts Motion Control introduced us to tracks for our Bolt. They came over to Sweden for a few days of great fun. Here’s a collaboration of us trying it out for the first time together with our friends at Love High Speed Ltd,Tip Technology and fxguide | fxphd. ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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Lisa ThorénThis is so awesome, super proud of the TIP technology - Brasil Team Rider Bruno Mendes who flow in to Stockholm to take part of this super creative high tech production. Love the Stiller Studios showreel, looking forward to the commercial coming out soon.. stay tuned Performance Sk8 Advisory Board Sara Herrlin, Joel Wahlström, Peter Ingman, Alexander Lindgren, Jan Johnsson, Jeff Harbaugh #tiptechnology #stillerstudios #lovehighspeed #fxguide Social Animals of Sweden1 month ago
Prosk8 ScandinaviaYes we love it, the Brazilian TIP technology Team Rider Bruno Mendes killing it!1 month ago

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Our friends at Lavette Film has released their latest commercial.

The rollercoster train shot at the end was shot here at Stiller Studios using our motion base and Cyclops Motion Control, synchronized together, using the coordinates from the previz handed to us.
No camera tracking, no geo tracking. Just A over B in comp.

Don't forget to watch the rest of the spot as well, it's beautiful!
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3 months ago



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